For many years I have been seriously annoyed at all the rumors that flood my emails, twitter and YouTube page. People who regurgitate the latest rumors from the tech reporters who have the real contacts. Why have I changed my mind? Well I have sort of changed my mind. Let’s talk…

I’m still annoyed at the people who don’t give credit where credit is do and report as if they have some sort of inside track and basically retread the information given from other reporters articles. I am not annoyed with hard working writers/bloggers/vloggers who not only report on the rumors with credit given but they give their own legitimate valid opinions too. When I look for a story/video, I want to hear what that person honestly thinks. It doesn’t matter if you are wrong at the end of the day, because most of the time the people who get the rumors from “sources” are wrong too. So be yourself and if you have something to share from your heart do it. Now on to the fun stuff.

P1100294All the rumors we’ve been seeing and reading are going to get some verification tomorrow or today depending on when you read this. Sonny Dickson, a name/person I have known for a while now, was catapulted to the forefront of the tech community with his leaks of many Apple parts. I was even lucky enough to score the potential 5C casing from Sonny and reviewed it on my YouTube channel.

Since my video, Sonny and maybe some other tech people in the circle have been showing off even more leaks such as more colors for the 5C, iPhone 5S new colors (Gold), iPad and iPad Mini shells. The general consensus among the big tech guys I read like 9to5Mac, Engadget  we all read and look to, think the iPad line won’t be revealed tomorrow. So what do all want to see tomorrow during the Keynote? Well, we want everything and we want it all released tomorrow as well. Of course that won’t happen and I think our wallets appreciate the break, sort of. In my opinion what Apple will do is even more mysterious since I feel Mr. Jobs was the main pusher to get the products done and ready to go. He was the extra motivation behind all the great products we saw, wether it was something to improve what existed or bringing something new to the world. Since we haven’t seen a full hardware product announcement in almost a year the normal road map is now destroyed. What Apple will do now is only known by the people who have the ultimate say at what gets the main stage.

So along with the leaks we have seen for the 5C, 5S, iPads and iPad Minis we have other rumors floating all over the internet. Apple teased us with the short commercial of the new Mac Pro coming in the Fall 0f 2013, which was totally redesigned. Fall? yeah.. keep in mind Fall ends on Dec 20th and would Apple be in a rush to get this product to market? It’s been about 3 years since they have done anythings significant, so who knows what they will do.

We also have heard about an actual Apple Televison for the past couple years. I don’t even think that is an option at this point. I mean they have a hard enough time keeping iPhone parts under wraps, there is no way in hell they can keep TV’s from leaking. Just my opinion. I could completely wrong, but I don’t think I’m reaching too far. Another product that if isn’t ready Apple should just take their time is the iWatch. After seeing the limited reach the Samsung Galaxy Gear has Apple has plenty of time to get this product working correctly to make the biggest impact. IF they even have one slated to be released at all. I’ve also read that we could see more updates to the MacBook Pros as well as the iMacs. I think the last thing to spout off is an update to the Apple TV, if they want to boost the internal specs I guess. I hope they don’t make it as tall as the Apple Time Capsules and Airport Extremes.

So what do I think we will see tomorrow at the Keynote? The new iPhone will be the plastic variations we have seen and the iPhone 5 design will be no more!! No? Probably not, but imagine the look on all our faces?



No Brainer more iOS7 with apps galore. A new iPhone with updated specs and possibly the different color changes. This iPhone C brand which will be the colors we have seen and hopefully it will be offered contract free in a 16GB variety say 299? 349? More info on OSX Mavericks and an actual release date? I’m not sure what else Apple has up it’s sleeve beyond that. I remember saying last year no iPods would come out and they introduced the new designs for the Touch and Nano, will we see a spec bump on those?

All we can do at this point is wait for the event to start tomorrow 10AM PDT; 1PM EST and hopefully we get a live feed instead of reading blogs interpretation of what is going on during the Event. I know I will be watching or reading no matter how the event is available. I will also be tweeting my typical comments good or bad for the event and you can join me by looking me up on Twitter


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