It’s that time of the year once again where Apple rumors are in full swing, the next gen iPhone is leaking all over the internet and we are all waiting for that magical day, when Apple has their keynote announcing their next smartphone.

As you may know, our very own Mike Panetta got his hands on a leaked prototype part of what may be the next iPhone. In this video he has a look at the hardware and design of it, and who knows, maybe we will see an improved version of this soon.

How is this relevant? Well, earlier today, Apple sent out their invites announcing that they are having an event, Tuesday 10th September, 10AM Cali time.

Of course with this comes the invitation, design of it, and what people are deriving from it.

Here is the invite (Image taken from LoopInsight):


I have been using the iOS 7 beta’s on my iPad since they became available, and I must say, this invitation is definitely leading me to think that we will see iOS 7 in it’s full form (along with a release date) during the event.

My reason for this is because the font used along with the mostly white and bright colors used in the invitation are exactly the same used throughout the OS.

Also, maybe we will see what could be the iPhone 5C. There have been rumors of a budget iPhone since 2012, as well as the fact that we have not only seen the back cover of the rumored “5C’ but also video of it turned on and running iOS 7, as well as leaked packaging holding the phone.


What do you think? I’m not going to ruin my credibility by making any guesses so I’m going to be waiting for the event!

We’ll have all the details you’ll want and need to know from the event as soon as it happens! Stay tuned to TechExamined.

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