4969790520_035fcd5390Last weekend I needed to stop in the Apple store to get my iPhone looked at. Lately, my Sleep/wake button has been working less and less, much like I have been hearing from many people. I have always had pretty good experiences with visiting the Apple store for any kind of problem going on. From the iPhone to my iMac, every situation has been handled and I haven’t paid a dime, well unless I was blatantly at fault for breaking it.  EXTREME DROP TEST

So I made my appointment and usually they are very busy but get to me within  10-20 minutes of my scheduled time.  I was few minutes early on Saturday and they must have had some extra time because they started working on my issues right away. So I politely explained my situation and told the rep how I tried a bunch of different steps to make sure it wasn’t the software acting up. I was currently running iOS7 and knew I might be asked to restore to iOS 6 in case it was a bug. He told me this was a very common issue and he read that the sensor in the phone was very sensitive and they have been breaking left and right. So another rep saved me a bunch of time and didn’t restore the device to iOS 6 since I stated the issue occurred there too. I had my phone replaced in only about 15 minutes and was on my way. Now for the second part of story that occurred while I was waiting for the rep to get my replacement phone.

5th gen

iPod Touch 5th Gen with & without camera & loop

I overheard a customer asking a rep if they had the 5th Gen iPod Touch in a 16GB. For those who may or may not know Apple recently released a 16GB iPod Touch, however the specs were different from the current 5th Gens. It is lacking a Rear Camera as well as the loop on the back for the strap. I expected the rep to explain they currently offer the 5th Gen in 32 GB and 64GB with a camera and loop strap and a new 16GB but it is missing those two features. He stated they don’t make a 5th Gen iPod in a 16GB version. He offered no other information and the family walked away. Of course I had to say something to the guy. I was very polite when I asked, what about the new 16GB that was released, but missing the camera? He told me the current 32 and 64GB are 5th gen and the 16GB with the 6th Gen. Apple doesn’t make a 5th Gen in 16GB. I said technically it’s not the same model, but Apple is not calling it the 6th Gen, but an additional option to the current generation. He still didn’t seem want to agree so I said you might want to ask someone else before telling people their isn’t one available.

This kind of experience is nothing new when going to any store and getting help from someone who you think can help you get information. The moral of this story is it doesn’t hurt to gather some information before going to store when looking for what you want. If you feel like you  may not have looked the information up correctly than it’s completely acceptable to politely disagree with the person and ask them to confirm the facts with someone else. If Apple really did decide to go 6th Gen for the 16GB iPod touch and you thought it was a 5th Gen, that rep lost a sale by simply not stating, “We do have a 16GB that was just released, but has some changes. Let me show you the differences.” However, he decided to assume he was correct, they were wrong and not even offer what he thought was the correct answer.

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