Just yesterday, Apple started taking preorders for the latest-gen Mac Pro, as well as selling it in some of their retail stores.

In this “Everything you need to know” article, we’ll be covering the specs, hardware and power of the Pro, as well as covering the current sales and preorder information about it too.

And yes, people have been saying it looks like  all sorts of things, but all jokes aside, it really is one killer computer. Here’s why:


Specs, Hardware, Power

Baseline Specs

The specs of the Mac Pro are variable, since you can customise yours as you please, before ordering. But of course, we will mention the baseline models. The baseline model features a 3.7 GHz Quad-Core processor, as well as 12GB of DDR3 RAM (3x 4GB DIMMs), Dual AMD FirePro D300 GPU’s, and a minimum of 256GB of PCIe-based flash storage (SSD built in).

That’s the minimum. You can customise it with upto an 8-Core processor, 64GB of RAM,  1tb internal storage and Dual AMD FirePro D500 GPU’s (that’s 3gb GDDR5 VRAM each).



The RAM is customisable through Apple’s preordering, but thankfully it is removable. This is a really good thing because upgrading the RAM to 64GB if ordering through Apple can cost an absolute fortune, so it’s better to buy the configuration of Mac Pro you want, but with the lowest spec of RAM, and buy a higher spec of RAM separately and upgrade it yourself.



The Mac Pro features a plethora of useful ports (as you would expect it to), which can be seen in detail in this picture below:



The main thing I was intrigued by when I first saw the ports, was the number of Thunderbolt ports. There are 6 of them, meaning you could connect 6 Thunderbolt Displays. And if you had 6 thunderbolt displays connected, each one has an extra Thunderbolt port, so essentially you could daisychain 6 Thunderbolt External HDD’s to your Mac Pro, all while having 6 displays connected.

With that said, there aren’t many people that will be connecting 6 Thunderbolt Displays, but you could also connect 4k Displays, upto 3 of them. And there are a lot of people working in professional video production who could work with a triple 4k monitor setup.



Or, for people who prefer not to use Thunderbolt, there’s an HDMI out (HDMI 1.4 UltraHD) as well as 4 USB3.0 ports.


The Mac Pro’s hardware is very different to that of the last generation. The last one was a big, silver rectangle, with sharp handles, that was essentially just a modified PowerMac G5. Meaning that with the new Mac Pro’s Case, it is the first actual design change to the Mac Pro in nearly 10 years.

The new one is sort of a Black, Shiny Cylinder really. If you’re interested in what it looks like, check out this gallery.

It’s also worth watching Apple’s video about the making of the Mac Pro, embedded here.

Unboxing the Mac Pro

Of course, within a few weeks, there will be unboxing videos of the Mac Pro, which are unnecessary, because the box features the Mac Pro, and the Power Cable. Nothing else other than that.



Sales, Pricing and Preorder


UK Pricing starts at £2499 for Quad-Core, and £3299 for Six-Core. And it also includes VAT of about £500, so that’s nice.

US Pricing starts at $2999 for Quad-Core, and $3999 for Six-Core, of course pricing increases if you choose to have more RAM or Internal Storage, although we do recommend going for the lowest spec of RAM and Storage, as it works out more efficient and cheaper to upgrade the RAM yourself, and have external Thunderbolt storage.

Also, since Apple knows business, you have the option to pay for the Mac Pro over 6, 12 or 18 months, as a limited special pricing offer. Looks like that will work out better than dropping $3000 at once.

mpro<—Click to enlarge


The Mac Pro can be preordered from Apple’s website, although it looks like they won’t be shipping until February, and we’ve also had reports that most Apple stores won’t have them in stock either, although we have seen that some Apple stores will have a Mac Pro on display, to try out:


Reviews, Benchmarks, Performance Tests

So that’s pretty much everything you need to know about the new Mac Pro. In a few months, once most people have received their Mac Pros, we will have an article up going over the general opinion of it, as well as information from benchmarks, tests, and reviews.

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