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     Canon EOS C100 Cinema Camera has many features. It is equipped with the 16:9 Super 35mm Canon CMOS Sensor, also has a very large sensor format which opens up Cinematic Vistas and permits in extremely shallow depth of field. If you are looking for a camera which works in low light conditions this might be the camera for you due to its 8.3 megapixel sensor that gives greater sensitivity in low light conditions and also reduces noise. When it comes to video it provides us with Full HD 1920×1080 video. I had the opportunity to test the C300 camera out at CES 2013 and it was amazing and I can only imagine how light and compact the C100 could be.


The EOS C100 also has the Canon DIGIC DV III image processor. This processor uses proprietary circuits to deliver excellent image quality at incredible speeds, it also process the RGB image data. Single CMOS sensor of the camera into three channels which are Red-Blue and Green to maintain high/rich resolution. The Processor achieves high signal to noise ratio that enables recordings with awesome details and dynamic range even at very low light. I was impressed with the 12 stops of dynamic range and ISO speed settings from 320 to 20,000.


This camera also has Full manual control and Focusing aids. It provides us with Custom picture settings, camera functions and display options, lets not forget the built in ND filters for controlling over exposure, depth of field and motion capture. This gives us the ability to fully capture video and audio to our need. EOS 100 is also equipped with several powerful and intuitive focusing aids in both EVF and LCD monitoring. I became a huge fan of peaking modes and magnify focus modes in my Canon XF100 so knowing that that EOS C100 also providing us with this feature is a big advantage I would be able to take. The waveforms provide focus feedback of three focus features on the check boxes on the LCD monitor.

With the EOS C100 you will be shooting in AVCHD bit rates up to 24fps which gives you maximum resolution of FULL HD 1920×1080 for some high quality video. You have multiple options when it comes to Frame rates 60i, pf30, pf24, 24p, 50i and 25p. You also don’t have to worry when you are on the long trips and have a shoot that is gonna last for hours because C100 provides dual sd cards or can write video to both cards. Did I also forget to mention that C100 has ability for interchangeable lens.

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Lets talk about the ergonomic design of the camera, C100 is 85% smaller than the C300 which will be great for me when I would have a shoot that would last for couple of hours and reduce the strain on my arms. Its extremely light weighing in at 410grams. Don’t get me wrong just because its portable and light weight does not mean you don’t have the ability to add accessories to the C100, canon provided us where we can customize this camera to our needs with attachable accessories sold separately, it has a removable hand grip which rotates 360 degrees for comfortable shooting. So Canon made sure we are able to personalize the C100 at our preference while shooting.









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