I have been in search for a really good LCD View Finder because I started shooting music videos locally. I personally use the Canon 60D for my videos and every time I had a shoot in daylight where the sun is extremely bright I had difficulty viewing the LCD screen and due that issue I had a very hard time focusing shots and setting controls etc. Well after some research I came across CarrySpeed’s VF-3 Universal LCD View Finder at a very reasonable and affordable price. I looked at some really nice LCD view finders from different companies but nothing came close to the quality and especially the price CarrySpeed had to offer.


     I recently went to Virginia for a video shoot and had the opportunity to use the VF-3 and put it to the test and I have to say it worked absolutely fantastic. I was able to use the 3x magnifier to view the shot on the VF-3 to achieve accurate focusing, color and exposure settings because those are the main controls I use to shoot to get some really nice HD quality on the video. There happens to be no leakage of any light from the sides, everything was dark once you look through the eye cup due to screws provided in the package where the VF-3 is held tight and securely to my canon 60D.

VF-3 LCD view finder comes in 3 parts, View Finder, Bracket and Quick Release base plate. They come with couple of mounting screws as well which is easy to use with a coin or an Hex Key provided in the package. Installation was very easy and quick. Once I was able to mount it on to my 60D the screws held up in tight position even after the entire shoot was done, the parts are pretty much some high end quality parts.

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 11.52.53 AMThe CarrySpeed VF-3 LCD view finder has a forward, back, horizontal and vertical adjustments so you can properly mount it to many varieties of cameras. With a twist of a screw I was able to detach the view finder from the quick release base plate and use the LCD of my 60D when not needed. Also when not in use the entire loupe can be easily removed and use as a normal sunshade with a push of a clasp, it also comes with a built in lens cover. So CarrySpeed thought of everything when it came to this product.

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     I personally love this product and will continue using it in my upcoming videos. I like the built quality and the multiple features this product comes in. So if you are in the market for an awesome view finder at an affordable price look no further because CarrySpeed has it for you. Please check out CarrySpeeds Website for other products involving accessories for your camera. The VF-3 LCD View Finder is highly recommended by me. Thank You and please check out my LINKS down below.


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