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CES 2017

With 2017 fastly approaching we are again coming up on another CES in Vegas. I am not sure I will be attending this year but I am certainly hoping to. CES is the largest show held each year in Vegas taking over the city and bringing a

CES 2016 Did I Miss Not Going?

So I missed CES for the first time in 6 years and I don’t think I missed going. Why am I not sure? Because there are a few things to consider when attending a show of this magnitude. The products, company contacts, industry contacts and most of

OnePlus… Is their 15 minutes up?

The popularity of the first generation OnePlus phone intrigued us. Great specs at an affordable price. Michael PanettaHey People!! My name is Michael Panetta and I am the founder of TechExamined.com as well as the mad scientist behind the YouTube channel. Ever since i was old enough

It’s your turn.. Ask us Anything!! OG Podcast S1E15

Join Larry and I for our 2nd to last show of the season as we talk about whatever you want. Here are all the links to reach Larry http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c… Google+- https://www.google.com/+GeekyNerdDad Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Geekynerddad Twitter- https://twitter.com/GeekyNerdDad Instagram- http://instagram.com/geekynerddad Official Website- http://www.geekynerddad.com Michael PanettaHey People!! My name is Michael

HTC One M8 For Windows Review

  HTC became well known with their Windows Phone lineup. When most people thought HTC, it wasn’t Android, it was a Windows Phone. No matter what type of phone you wanted, or what version of Windows Phone it was running, you could easily find an HTC phone

Samsung Unpacked 2014 Part 2 W/ Danny Winget

Part 2 of our Podcast Samsung’s Unpacked 2104 part 2 took place on September 3rd and pretty much delivered a tacky performance attempting to entertain us instead of just giving us the low down on the latest and greatest devices. Kinda leaving us to wonder what did

Interview w/ Tech YouTuber Danny Winget

In this weeks 2 part podcast we are joined by Tech YouTuber Danny Winget aka SuperScientific and we cover things like what he did before Youtube, why he started youtube and how he runs his channel. Danny was very candid and we think you will enjoy this

The September Blizzard of Tech

We all know it’s happening and Apple isn’t the only ones stocking to make some big announcements in September. IF you are perons who likes to buy the latest and greatest… well your wallet is going to take a beating. Check out the list of companies and

Pateron Followup & iPhone 6

  We wanted to talk a little bit more about the questions that arose from our previous discussion on the Patreon system. In this show we talk about some questions people asked and make some clarifications to what we stated in the show. We also cover all

Review: Samsung Note 3

  With the Galaxy Note 4 coming very soon, how well does the aging Note 3 stack up? Some might be looking at a used Note 3 on eBay since there are others selling their current device for the successor of the Note line. Specs When the