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Sengled Pulse and Boost Smart LED Bulbs

The Sengled Pulse is a one of a kind LED Smartbulb with an integrated speaker powered by JBL.  You get a pair of 2.4GHz bluetooth speakers and LED lights that screw into a standard outlet socket.  You can wirelessly connect from any bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet

iHome iBN10 Studio 4 Speakers

Douglas DrummondI am a Police Officer by trade, but my passion lies in he Tech World! It all started decades ago when we built our first family computer running MS-DOS. Through the years I loved all things computers, gadgets and gizmos. When Nextels were the hip thing,

Interview with Austin Evans (Old Guys Podcast) S1E12

Join us as we talk to Austin Evans From the YouTube Tech Community Check out his channel To Find Larry… Google+- Facebook- Twitter- Instagram- Official Website- Michael PanettaHey People!! My name is Michael Panetta and I am the founder

Samsung Unpacked 2014 Part 2 W/ Danny Winget

Part 2 of our Podcast Samsung’s Unpacked 2104 part 2 took place on September 3rd and pretty much delivered a tacky performance attempting to entertain us instead of just giving us the low down on the latest and greatest devices. Kinda leaving us to wonder what did

Interview w/ Tech YouTuber Danny Winget

In this weeks 2 part podcast we are joined by Tech YouTuber Danny Winget aka SuperScientific and we cover things like what he did before Youtube, why he started youtube and how he runs his channel. Danny was very candid and we think you will enjoy this

Why Patreon is not a Solution for YouTube Creators

The Old Podcast is back for Episode 2 and Patreon is the discussion today and we discuss why it’s not a solution for creators. Michael PanettaHey People!! My name is Michael Panetta and I am the founder of as well as the mad scientist behind the

Velodyne’s Top Quality Headphones

Velodyne – The Company Before I talk about the headphones, I’ll give you some background on the company Velodyne first. Velodyne is a small audio company which is currently based in California, with just 89 employees. Velodyne was founded by 1983 by David Hall. Between 1983 and