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iHome iBN10 Studio 4 Speakers

Douglas DrummondI am a Police Officer by trade, but my passion lies in he Tech World! It all started decades ago when we built our first family computer running MS-DOS. Through the years I loved all things computers, gadgets and gizmos. When Nextels were the hip thing,

Hexama Buddy – Best Portable Phone Stand?

The Hexama Buddy is a portable phone stand which is in pre-Kickstarter prototype stages. So, for a product in such early development, why am I telling you about it? Because, in my opinion, it is the best phone stand on the market. Before I get into why,

Jabra Sport Wireless+ – Product Spotlight

Here at TechExamined we are always looking to bring out content that is as unique as possible; and the majority of our content covers technology devices. In this case, I have the Jabra Sport Wireless+, not the usual type of product we feature, but it’s definitely something