So I missed CES for the first time in 6 years and I don’t think I missed going. Why am I not sure? Because there are a few things to consider when attending a show of this magnitude. The products, company contacts, industry contacts and most of all hanging out and meeting new friends.

The first year I attended CES the point was to get my name out there and meet companies face to face. In fact the show is so large 3 events might be a fair number to say how long it will take you to make a full impactful go around. If anyone tells you the show is boring either has given up on the networking or just doesn’t know how to have fun. You can certainly get bored with the show if you stick with that same things years after year. However, if you open your eyes to what innovation people are trying it can be different every year. You certainly can’t walk around with your head down or not at least interact with the companies who are exhibiting. You never know who might be there with them and turn into something much bigger. It all about communicating with people you most likely may never even talk to in your lifetime. Isn’t that the whole point of existence? To meet people who we share this planet with. Back on track.

The products are another animal all I themselves. You can go one year and see the hot new item that might be, or not. Obviously, if you keep up with the news all year you know what to expect will be all over CES the following year. However, if you didn’t you will learn real quick what hit from the previous year because EVERYONE is copying it. One examps
le is Drones. These started popping up about 3-4 years ago and from what I’ve seen in stories this year the show was swamped with companies showing off their version. Now of course if you’re someone who has a specific agenda on what you want to see 2 things might happen. First you get annoyed by all the other distractions and size of the show you can find much on your agenda. Second because the show is so massive you end up missing spots where I could have seen cool things that interest you. There are plenty of other shows that are more specific on all the technology in our world today and those might be a better way to start experiencing shows if you think CES is too big.

In 2015 and maybe even in 2014 the show really became a time to meet up with some old friends and finally meet new ones. Now this could be on the business end of the show or the personal end aka the YouTube community. This in my opinion helps create a strong bond in a world that is so huge having whatever you do on YouTube. Even beyond CES the meeting up of whatever you do on YouTube in one spot and being able to share stories and ideas really motivates and pushed many people to that next level. I have made so many great friends that turned into more personal than purely taking tech and YouTube. That in my opinion is worth more than anything I have ever done at CES.

I have already planned on attending CES 2017 at all costs with my partners in crime Larry Dickerson aka GeekyNerdDad and Tomas Villegas. We will not only have fun but so our best to show people that building a friendship through this is just as much fun as making videos and watching the cash pile up. So look more from me this year on here and YouTube in preperation of CES.


Michael Panetta

Hey People!! My name is Michael Panetta and I am the founder of as well as the mad scientist behind the YouTube channel. Ever since i was old enough to talk I was into technology... From old tech like Pong to the powerful tech today like the iMac. I have been fascinated with using it, talking about it and breaking it! I have worked with such sites as Technobuffalo, Run Around Tech and iLuv Gagets77. The amount of people I have met through the YouTube and Twitter Community has been un measurable. We all like tech and and all talk about it endlessly. I also love watching, playing and talking Hockey and Baseball. I hope you enjoy my unique style of writing and thoughts. Enjoy

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