Hey folks, Yoni here, and this article is the first of many yet to come, in a series we are calling “Cool Setup”. As the name suggests, the series shall involve members of the TechExamined crew highlighting certain products that really make their setup what it is.
We aim for this to cover products with a different perspective than usual, and the “Cool Setup” series is sort of in-between a Review and a full Setup Tour.

 Editor’s Keys Boom Arm

Editor’s Keys has been one of my top-rated audio companies for a while. They have excellent products, fast delivery, and stellar customer service, so you can’t go wrong.

Included in my setup is a Boom Arm for Microphones, from Editor’s Keys. It’s quite a simple product really, it just attaches onto a desk, extends upto 80cm, and then you just have to mount your mic on, and position it wherever you like.


I’m currently using this with my handheld mic (the boom arm comes with a clip) and the results are excellent! I just love using the boom arm in my setup!

DSCF5747  My Mic on the Boom Arm


DSCF5748  Angle Adjustment

DSCF5751  Clamp for attaching the Boom arm to a desk

What it would be good for:

  • Podcasting

  • Live Streaming

  • Screen Recording

  • Voiceovers

  • Conference Calls

And so much more!

Be sure to check out Editor’s Keys and also the Boom Arm, right now it’s on sale and can be bought for just £20/$35!


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