It’s the 10th September 2013, and today marks some very big announcements from Apple. You all saw the invitation last week for the event, and today we’ve seen Apple’s colors.


Before the event, a strange armored van outside 4 Infinite Loop.

iTunes Festival

Tim started off by talking about the iTunes festival which is in it’s 7th year now, with artists such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry headlining it. It reached 100+ countries via livestreaming, and 20 million people applied for tickets this year. if you’re into that.


Tim then went on to talk about retail. As we all know, Apple has thousands of it’s stores. Recently, they changed up the Stanford, CA store. Split it into half. One side for service, the other for retail. Clever idea.

iOS 7

iOS 7 was introduced to us first during WWDC in June earlier this year. Tim brought Craig Federighi onto the stage to talk about iOS 7. He reckons iOS 7 will become an instant success. He then talked about how iOS 7 works, with what he calls a “harmonious home screen” which in my opinion is just more colorful than iOS 6’s homescreen. But hey, it works. And there are also improved features such as spotlight and multitasking.

Not forgetting the updates to Siri, camera, photos and the addition of iTunes Radio. Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel for a full video overview soon.

iOS 7 will be available to download on September 18th.

iWork for iOS

iWork is Apple’s own suite of productivity software. And also the best selling on mobile too. And actually, I much prefer using Pages, Numbers and Keynote on my iPad than I do using Word, Excel and PowerPoint on my PC.

Apple has now made these Apps free with every new iOS device. SWEET! Kinda sucked that I must’ve paid around £30 or so on these apps.


Tim started off by saying: “A couple of you may be expecting this”, probably regarding the recent leaks.

Apple has normally introduced a new iPhone and lowered the price of the old one, but this year, they are replacing the iPhone 5 with two new iPhones.

iPhone 5C

More Fun, More Colorful. As we have come to expect, the iPhone 5C is a cheaper priced iPhone made with a plastic back shell, with bright colors to match iOS 7. Heck, we knew this already…

The 5C will come with a hard coated Polycarbonate shell, A6 processor, 4-inch retina display, 8mp camera, and a 1.9mp front camera. Also has a steel reinforced shell on the inside with a powerful 4g LTE antenna. Among all this we also heard this will be replacing the iPhone 5 as the less expensive option available. Goodbye iPhone 5…

Oh, and they’ve created a weird looking silicone case with holes in it for you to see the original phone color underneath.


iPhone 5S

Perhaps the most forward thinking phone anyone has ever made, according to Phil Schiller. Interesting enough, the iPhone 5S has a black-ish version, a white-ish version, and one made of gold and silver. Because it’s not like Apple’s products were expensive enough…


In terms of hardware of the phone, it’s the first smartphone with a 64-bit chip, the A7, and iOS 7 runs on 64-bit too. the A7 has a bajillion of overly complicated specs within itself so I wont bore you with it.

Also has a better battery life than the iPhone, and they’ve shoved a bigger sensor for the camera, better flash that’s not so yellow, well, it has 2 LED’s and is closer to sunlight than anything else.

Fingerprint Scanner

Oh, that fingerprint scanner we all expected? Yeah… that happened. Apple is introducing Touch ID in the iPhone 5S because tapping your screen 4 times to enter a passcode is just too tiring! So, for those of you that are too lazy for a passcode, you can now setup your fingerprint to unlock the 5S. And it’s built into the home button too. And of course it is built into everything else for security, i.e. iTunes, unlocking the phone, and also for those conspiracy theorists out there, fingerprints are NOT stored on any servers, and aren’t sent to the NSA.

It supports multiple fingerprints so you and your family members can access the phone and not anyone else.


The iPhone5C can be preordered from the 13th.. with a release date of the 20th. Starting at $99.00 for the 16GB and $199.00 for the 32GB on a 2 Year contract.

5S sadly has no preorder but will available from retail stores on the 20th. $299-16GB, 399-32GB & 499 for the 6GB all on a 2 year contract.

Even though we say goodbye to the iPhone 5 the 4S is still hanging on.. free on a 2 year contract in the US.

Apple store has all the details..

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