Yesterday, Google brought the tech world to a full frenzy with the announcement of a new product called Chromecast. It’s a simpler version of the Apple TV with a MUCH smaller price tag of $35.00.

Now getting your hands on one was proving to be like most hot products that give live after they are announced. In the instance Google threw them up on Google Play soon after the announcement was made and probably while it was being shown off. The first batch of devices sold out after soon after people realized it was available. Leaving people somewhat disappointed that it wasn’t shipping until after August 1st.  They also announced Amazon and Best Buy be selling the item “Soon”. Of course this led to the immediate visit to those site and several people asking when, when when!!

Soon for Amazon proved to be later on in the afternoon when I happen to check the site  after my lunch. I immediately purchased 2 for myself than proceeded to tell everyone else about it popping up on the site. What I found odd with the Amazon site was their ability to ship the device the same afternoon while the Google Play Store showed they would ship byJuly 27th.  As far as the Best Buy option I have heard conflicting stories that they were available in store, but online only showed available for shipping but not available for in store pickup.

After the excitement of trying to get your device faster than the next person the videos began popping up on YouTube last in the evening on East Coast time. Unfortunately, most videos were only about 1-3 minutes long giving us the ground breaking unboxing (cheap views) of the device with no usage. Yup, you got to experience the ever popular lets open a box to show the device, wire, plug and an extension cable.

I did get the chance to setup my device at lunch and found that the iOS app is not available as of this article. It simply read it would be available soon.  So I was able to set it up from my iMac for the purpose of my video. The operation was a little confusing, which I will cover in my video, that should be posted tonight or tomorrow on our YouTube channel. My immediate thoughts on the device is comparable to plugging your laptop into a TV but on a much more restricted level and of course less messy.

I will give you more updates as they come as far as my experience on iOS devices as well as Android devices. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel


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