Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming out tonight at Midnight for the Xbox 360 and the PS3, which we know. There have even been pirated versions of the game going around online. What we don’t know is if GTA V is coming to the PS4 and PC. Most PC gamers such as myself know that Grand Theft Auto 4 what not that great of a port, and even on the best gaming PCs it doesn’t play very well. The thing that made it shine is how well the modding community changed the game. The mods were created for many different reasons. The mods allowed us to be able to drive different cars, you could turn into the Hulk if you wanted, and if you really cared about the graphics, you could install mods to make the game look cleaner and sharper.

GTA V pc

Recently some code has been leaked from the Xbox 360 game on Reddit showing that GTA V would be coming to PC and PS4. The XML of the config shows platforms for the PC and Orbis. Orbis being the code name for the PS4 when the Dev kits were being given out. You might be wondering why the code for the PC and PS4 would be in the Xbox 360 version? Some other games such as Borderlands, and Battlefront 2 also has similar files. The developers use a general code for the game, and then they change what they need to for the certain platform.

GTA v ps4

We all have to make sure to take this with a grain of salt. The code could entirely fake, but who in their right mind would waste their time typing out almost 2,000 lines of code just for people to see it online?

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