The Hexama Buddy is a portable phone stand which is in pre-Kickstarter prototype stages.

So, for a product in such early development, why am I telling you about it? Because, in my opinion, it is the best phone stand on the market.


Before I get into why, I’d like to thank Edward from Hexama for sending me an early prototype unit to try out.

Disclaimer: this is not a review, the product is not yet on sale, although I do highly recommend following @HexamaPR on Twitter to keep up to date with their upcoming KickStarter campaign.

The Hexama Buddy prototype I have on my desk is brilliant. I really, really like it as a product.

It is designed in a way that it is universal, durable, portable AND compact.

Firstly, the universal part. The Hexama Buddy will support most smartphones upto a screen size of about 6.5″. The stand also supports phones with cases as long as the back is mostly flat.


The Hexama Buddy is made up of three main components. There’s the aluminium base, the adjustable vertical arm and the ball mounted phone pad.

The phone pad uses Microsuction technology and holds the phone very firmly. Simply press the back of your phone to the pad and it will attach easily. The pad loses it’s suction after a few days of usage but if you just run it under water and dry it off, it’s sticky again.


The plastic parts of the Hexama Budddy are 3D printed but will be smoother and stronger plastic in the final product.

The Hexama buddy is compact and weighs almost nothing, so it should fit in your pocket without a doubt.

The Hexama Buddy will have a Kickstarter campaign launching very soon, and if we can get a few people over to their Twitter and Facebook pages, then some of you lucky people will be in for a chance to win a Hexama Buddy upon release!

Check out Hexama on Twitter and Facebook

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