The iPhone 5c was released in September 2013 and the plastic phone hasn’t been doing as well as Apple expected. After the company’s quarterly earnings were announced, Tim Cook stated that the 5c’s demand “turned out to be different than we thought.”

In an attempt to turn around the the phone’s popularity, Apple is allegedly going to release an 8GB model of the 5c which will be a first since the iPhone 4s. This move should help Apple move into the mid-range smartphone market and with a cheaper price, the 8GB model will hopefully boost sales. The launch of this phone may arrive sooner than you think as leaks are pointing to the 18th of March which is tomorrow.

Picture Credits: Engadget

How do we know that an 8GB model will be announced? The site Engadget released a picture of the 5c’s packaging which detailed the 8GB version. Also, leaked documents from O2 in Germany hinted the new model. In terms of pricing, sources are claiming that the iPhone 5c’s reported model will cost 60 Euros less than the 16GB model. As mentioned before, this cheaper price is an attempt to raise the demand for the iPhone 5c. Over social media, some people have argued that 8GB of storage is not enough and although it will be cheaper than it’s 16GB counterpart, it will still be quite expensive.

For 60 euros less, the 8gb may not be worth it in comparison to the 16gb, although well thought out contracts could push more people to buy the iPhone 5C instead of something in a similar price range.

With the rumoured launch scheduled for tomorrow, the new iPhone 5c model is fast approaching. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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