Are you eager for the next big thing?  Sources with knowledge of this event have said Apple will unveil the next generation iPhone September 10.  It is unknown if the event will reveal just the next generation rumored iPhone 5S or include the rumored budget iPhone 5[C] as well as iOS 7.


Our very own Mike Panetta recently had his hands on a prototype shell believed to be the next budget iPhone 5C.  Sharing a similar form as the iPhone 5, the 5C has a plastic back that will be available in several colors and feature rounded corners at a much lower price.  Check out his video here.  The current speculation is that the budget iPhone 5C will start at $490 which is in line with the unsubsidized iPhone 4.


The iPhone 5S while still maintaining the same design as the iPhone 5, will most likely feature a 13mp camera with dual flash, fingerprint recognition and the all new iOS 7.  iOS7 will likely be available after the announcement or just before the next iPhone becomes available.  Will you be upgrading if the iPhone 5S is just a tech spec bump?  Have you tested iOS7 and think it’s enough to keep Apple in the game?  Let me know in the comments below.


Douglas Drummond

I am a Police Officer by trade, but my passion lies in he Tech World! It all started decades ago when we built our first family computer running MS-DOS. Through the years I loved all things computers, gadgets and gizmos. When Nextels were the hip thing, I was breaking them apart, changing cases, hacking into the software and adding ringtones, screensavers and more. My passion really ignited with a gift of the first iPhone. This was a follow up from my Cingular Motorola ROKR iTunes phone. I was hooked. Jailbreaking, modding and most importantly ACCESSORIZING! Soon after I got all the iPhones one by one and was able to forge relationships with companies reviewing products geared at iPhone. I've since broken the chain and added Android devices too, but my heart will always lie with Apple.

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