Here at TechExamined we are always looking to bring out content that is as unique as possible; and the majority of our content covers technology devices. In this case, I have the Jabra Sport Wireless+, not the usual type of product we feature, but it’s definitely something to consider if you do any sort of exercise and listen to music whilst doing so.


By the way, I should mention that this is not a full review, as it is a different style of product and I don’t have enough experience with similar devices in it’s category to do a full review.

What is it

The Jabra Sport Wireless+ is a wireless set of in-ear headphones designed for use during sports and exercise. The SPORT also has the ability to receive phone calls and has a built-in microphone so that you won’t have to reach for your phone.


Hardware and design

Taking a look at the headphones, they have a very striking design. Similar to other Jabra products, this set of headphones follows the black and yellow colour scheme. They fit around the ear and then there’s the driver which goes into your ear similar to a standard earbud. The headphones also have a built in battery which is charged via a MicroUSB port:



The headphones are connected by a short cable which goes around the back of your neck. The headphones are moderately comfortable, as they are mostly made out of soft touch plastic and rubber, presumably so that they’re resistant to sweat.


Sound Quality and Performance

The sound quality is always a key factor to look at when buying headphones. The sound signature on these is very interesting. Vocals are spot on, instruments sound pretty good although slightly sharp, but then when a beat is introduced into the mix, everything sounds suppressed and all that comes through clearly is vocals and a drumbeat. But it’s interesting, because that’s perfect for running. I took these out for a couple of runs and I’ve found that you really don’t notice much else but the beat and the vocals in songs whilst running, so while you’re not going to use these headphones for home listening use, they are perfect for exercise.


Controlling the headphones is simple. Once connected to your device via Bluetooth, you have almost complete control over your music. On the right headphone there are multiple buttons for control. First of all is the volume rocker which is also used to skip tracks and check the battery status.


Then there is the FM button which switches between your phone’s music, and radio stations, which can be changed with the volume rocker. Last of all is the Play/Pause button which also acts as the power button and can be held in upon turning the headphones on to initiate the Bluetooth connection sequence.



Inside the box you will find the following:

  • Multiple sets of silicone covers
  • Armband for holding headphones
  • Quick start Guide
  • Endomondo free trial



All in all the headphones work great for fitness and exercise use and although they aren’t perfect, they’re still one of the best options on the market.

Buy them:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Thanks to Georgina from Ranieri Comms for sending me the headphones to try out.

Leave a comment below if you think we should cover more fitness technology!


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