jobs-movieAshton Kutcher portrays one of the most important people to revolutionize the smartphone industry today.  Those are hefty shoes to fill, but the likeness is uncanny.  Directed by Joshua Michael Stern, written by Matthew Whiteley, shot by Oscar-winning cinematographer Russell Carpenter and produced by Mark Hulme. JOBS is like a documentary drama that is dialog heavy portraying the major moments in the innovators life from 1971 through 2001.  The movie claims to really analyze his character and really sums up who Steve Jobs was.

ashton-jobs-jpg_172933The critics are giving mixed reviews saying that the director was steering the audience to glamorize our beloved notable public figure Steve Jobs.  Others think the plot was focused on Ashton Kutcher and played around him.  Conversely other critics praise the portrayal as honest and engaging the audience.  Aside from the critics, will you be seeing JOBS?  Anyone that embraces the enormous cultural significance will probably want to see JOBS, it looks like it will be a great insight into the personal portrait of Steve Jobs life.  It can’t be argued, he started a revolution and is still admired after life ended for him.


Let me know in the comments if you plan to see JOBS or what you thought after you saw it.  I plan to go this weekend and will post my review then.

Douglas Drummond

I am a Police Officer by trade, but my passion lies in he Tech World! It all started decades ago when we built our first family computer running MS-DOS. Through the years I loved all things computers, gadgets and gizmos. When Nextels were the hip thing, I was breaking them apart, changing cases, hacking into the software and adding ringtones, screensavers and more. My passion really ignited with a gift of the first iPhone. This was a follow up from my Cingular Motorola ROKR iTunes phone. I was hooked. Jailbreaking, modding and most importantly ACCESSORIZING! Soon after I got all the iPhones one by one and was able to forge relationships with companies reviewing products geared at iPhone. I've since broken the chain and added Android devices too, but my heart will always lie with Apple.

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