PC Gamers have been rejoicing this week, to celebrate the release of the JC2 Multiplayer Mod!
Which by the way, is not to be confused with one from August 2012, this version is a lot more feature packed and runs better.


What Is It?

An addition to the PC Game ‘Just Cause 2’ which allows players to spawn into a multiplayer version of the JC2 map.

So from there, you may be wondering what’s the point, and what can you do in these multiplayer servers?



Mindlessly Kill People

Just like any 3rd Person action game, in JC2 multiplayer you could join a server with hundreds of other people, and kill (or be killed by) them with a decent selection of weapons available in the game.

kill JC2 pic

Spawn In Vehicles

One of the main features of the multiplayer mod is the ‘buy’ (spawn-in) menu. From this menu, you can spawn in cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters, planes and jets freely and instantly, and use them for whatever you like. You could spawn in a full size airliner plane and get across the huge JC2 map quickly, or maybe a nimble fighter jet and fire rockets at people hanging out at the Mile High Club. Oh, and you also have the option to change the colour of any vehicle, to your own preference.


Change Your Appearance

Also from the ‘buy’ menu you can change what your character looks like in-game. You can change your appearance to any character that was featured in the original JC2 game, such as random civilians, main characters, as well as members of the 3 main gangs, politicians, soldiers and much more.


So it looks alright on paper, how does it look while being played?

I’m sure that people would be curious about how the Multiplayer Mod would look in-game, so I’ve uploaded a video covering the Multiplayer Mod.

Don’t forget to check out Just Cause 2 (game itself) and the Multiplayer Mod on Steam

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