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Last week at the International CES 2014, I stopped by a booth of a company I have been using products for since I started reviewing.  The folks at Meridrew Enterprises of KLEAR SCREEN and iKLEAR are the makers of that blue chamois microfiber cloth we’ve all seen in countless review videos.  I saw their lineup of products which I still attest is the best in the market for cleaning LCD screens.  What really got me was their story.  All the products are proudly made in the USA.  Meridrew Enterprises doesn’t do any commercial advertising and relies solely on customer and manufacturer recommendations.  I spoke with the gentleman representing Meridrew and he informed me that for 18 years they have employed members of (CSS) Customer Support Services and employ developmentally disabled adults to assemble their kits.  They were very proud that they can employ developmentally disabled people who love to come to work and get these products into our hands.  Their motto is ‘-I Can’ and Meridrew Enterprises says it’s the best business decision they’ve ever made.  I loved the story behind Meridrew Enterprises and I love their line of Cleaning products.

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KLEAR make s a line specifically for Apple products called iKLEAR.  It is the only products designed, sold and recommended by Apple.  KLEAR products are ammonia free, anti-static and alcohol free so they are totally safe to use on your touchscreens.  Most regular glass cleaner contains ammonia which will damage the display.  Other companies who sell LCD screen cleaners have warnings that strongly recommend NOT leaving on your device too long for risk of damage.  The solution is half the battle, along with the cleaning solution, KLEAR includes optical grade polishing cloths.  These are microfiber chamois and polishing cloths that absorb 5x their weight and are non abrasive that are washable and re-useable.

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KLEAR SCREEN starter kit ($9.95) includes 2oz Klear Screen spray bottle, 1 medium DMT Antimicrobial microfiber cloth and 3 Klear Screen wet/dry travel singles.  These are a two part cleaning that starts with a wet cleaning cloth to remove streaks and debris followed by the dry polishing cloth.  You can follow up with using the micro fiber chamois to really polish the display.

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Klear Screen is also great for cleaning camcorders, HDTV’s, GPS Screens, Portable DVD players, Scanners, CD’s and DVD’s.  Klear Screen is recommended by Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP, IBM, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba and more.

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