With the recent launch of the Xbox One, a lot of the hype has gone into it’s controller. Of course, Microsoft reimagined the controller, and it’s improvements are vast.

But with that said, I don’t think any game controller will be able to beat the amount of control you can get from using a keyboard and mouse. Argue against it all you want, but there’s more control and accuracy there if you use your entire hand and wrist when compared to your lone thumbs and index fingers.

So how do these 2 things come together? Well, today news broke that Team Xecuter have developed a mod for the Xbox One, named “CronusMax” which allows the user to use most game controllers with the Xbox One, such as the DualShock 3&4, Wii Pro controller and Xbox 360 controller, but most importantly, the mighty keyboard and mouse.

Here is a video of CronusMax on the Xbox One and the use of different controllers, and finally the keyboard and mouse at the end.


This may seem like just another mod to some people but it is quite important. For a long time, PC users have been confined to only playing against other PC users, and have always wanted to test their ‘leet skillz’ against console gamers, due to their keyboard & mouse advantage. But, cross compatibility like that won’t be available for some time, so the ability to take on other Xbox One players using a keyboard & mouse yourself could be a huge advantage to someone accustomed to PC controls.

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Michael Panetta

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