MULTIGOLDThe Rumors are going crazy enough about Apple’s release of the next generation iPhone and the possible release of a “budget” iPhone. However, now the rumor mill start to explode with talk of a spec’d out Gold iPhone?


Gold iPhone design created by Shop Le Monde

Before we get ahead of ourselves I read a nice article on 9to5 Mac talking about the color not really being gold but more of a champagne, which could just be an expansion of the current 2 colors we have been use to seeing. The website Shop Le Monde created an image of what the color might look like. Not necessarily the style of phone I would carry around but it would be nice for the ladies. One of the early rumors included with this were the additional Spec bumps to go with a “Gold” iPhone. These included a 128 GB version with a higher MP camera and the fingerprint scanner. Well that in my opinion just seemed a bit excessive, however not out of the question for Apple to offer a larger capacity than 64GB. At the end of the day it seems more likely that Apple is just offering a third color along with the current line.

With the ever changing demand for larger screens and capacities it will be interesting to see what Apple has to offer at their up coming Keynote¬† which apparently has been confirmed through rumors to be Sept 10th. Because we all know the rumor mill is either right or never mentioned they were wrong. I’m a wait and see what happens kind of guy, as most of you know. I’m not much one for spending too much time on rumors floating around. I think ruins the excitement of the event and the surprise on peoples faces. I do have one request if anyone of importance were to catch wind of my little corner of this giant universe. Apple, please broadcast the live as the experience of seeing it and reading someone’s words is just not the same.



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