imageThe popularity of the first generation OnePlus phone intrigued us. Great specs at an affordable price.┬áPeople, mostly the tech community, welcomed this with open arms. Being able to say to the larger companies, it’s time to offer us something more if you’re going to charge a higher price. Well, the big companies could either answer or just ignore it. Did they stop for a minute and look at OnePlus and say, “we need to lower prices!” In my opinion a few listened while others just kept going. Some really feel what they have is far superior and will outlast anything this small company has to offer. Are they right? Some would say yes, while others will say no. Only time will tell, maybe.

The companies that are answering OnePlus’ challenge could pose a huge threat to their survival. One company that could do this is Motorola. This is nothing we didn’t already see coming. Motorola has been toying with the lower price no contract option for a couple years now. OnePlus certainly raised the bar and Motorla may have just raised it higher.

Now I haven’t gotten my hands on any of these devices yet, but it doesn’t take a genius to see the folks who have could put a damper on the OnePlus Two party. It doesn’t matter what level you are as a technology use. There are two things people care about with their phones. Battery and performance. These two things in the early stages might be lacking with the OnePlus. Motorola on the other hand could come out the winner here.


I do have a OnePlus Two on order and honestly, I am more intrigued to sell it at a big profit and take a look at the Motorola product line as a second phone. I think with all the talented people picking up the different models available I can save you time by just showing you the one I feel has what I find important in a phone. You may feel different so feel free to leave a comment and tell me why you think one would be better over the other. It doesn’t matter which model on the budget line.



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