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Hey guys, Yoni here from TechExamined and this post is gonna be awesome for all of you that have any Music, Photos and Videos on your computer, especially if you have an Android or iOS Device.

We have teamed up with the guys at CyberLink to give away a copy of PowerDVD 13 ultra! The software (from my own experience) is really cool, super nice layout, a mobile app (iOS and Android) to go with it and a load of cool features! I’ve found it really good for watching videos and photo slideshows, listening to music (as well as streaming content to my PC from my phone)

Also, you can search for and watch YouTube videos, Flickr and Facebook images all from the program, as well as accessing content from other computers and media servers as long as they are connected to your home internet.

The iOS and Android app (free with the program) can control the program, stream content to it and do a whole bunch of other stuff!

Also, for those HD fans out there, it supports BluRay and HD DVD, as well as 4K, and includes 7.1 audio output AND video and audio enhancements, for an amazing viewing experience.

It runs on Windows XP and above (unfortunately this version isnt Mac compatible, but we all know how easy it is to run Windows within Mac), and should run on any computer with more than 2gb RAM, 2ghz processor and a 512mb GPU.



Leave a comment below. That’s pretty much it. Make sure to include your name and contact info i.e. Twitter handle, email address etc. and why you want to win it!

The winner will be picked at random (on video), after the competition closes. All entries before 11:59PM (UK Time) on the 8th september will be counted as an entry.

Please do not Enter more than once within the comments, and also please don’t use secondary accounts to enter as you will be disqualified!

The winner will be picked, on video, a week or so after the competition ends.


So that’s pretty much it for this giveaway! Get entering!



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