CES 2014 has just kicked off, and gaming company Razer has just started teasing us with their new modular PC design concept, “Christine”.

Now this is no surprise from Razer, they are a huge company with a huge budget. But that’s obvious, what’s not obvious is this whole “modular PC” thing. Essentially, they will eventually be selling a base, with the vital parts to run the PC that look to all be the same size and shape, and will be able to slot into the base.

Razer is claiming that this will be fully modular, mix and match the pieces, and you won’t have to have had any prior knowledge or experience of PC Building to use or upgrade one.

Best part is, it’s fully PCI-E based, which means it will be fast, and all the pieces will automatically sync.

From what the pictures show, it has standard ports such as USB and Audio, and what looks like 4 thunderbolt ports too, as well as a DVD drive and a control panel, possibly for the overclocking functionality or cooling control.

We’re looking at a fully modular PC which will be silent, available to upgrade (easily) at any time, with the option for dual (or triple) booting into OS’s, as well as overclocking, with extreme speed and performance.

Right now it’s just a concept project but I believe that it is actually possible, and if released to market at a fair price, it would definitely be more successful than self-building PC’s.

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