With the Galaxy Note 4 coming very soon, how well does the aging Note 3 stack up? Some might be looking at a used Note 3 on eBay since there are others selling their current device for the successor of the Note line.


When the Note 3 came out, it was an absolute power house! 5.7 inch Super AMOLED 1920 X 1080 display. It has a dual core processor clocked at 2.3Ghz, 3GBs of RAM and a decent amount of storage at 32GBs.


Take that in for a little bit. That screen is absolutely huge. I do have to say that I didn’t use my iPad or iPad Mini as much as I used to. The Note was big enough that I had no problem using just this device for all my media consumption. My hands are average size I would say and I definitely can’t use it with one hand. You can scroll down a page with a bit of resistance with one hand, but other than that there is not much you can do with average sized hands.


I don’t really mind using the Stylus, but I don’t see myself using it outside of just testing. It’s interesting for a while and then you get bored of it. It helps when taking notes or things like that, but there’s no reason to use it for anything else. It is ergonomic and very small so you forget about it when it’s in your phone while not in use.


As more and more people are switching to big phones, this phone easily comes to mind. The screen is just about the best that I have personally seen with my own two eyes. The colors are vibrant and the screen is bright… usually. When outside I found it hard to read things unless the brightness was ALL the way up which drains battery life slightly quicker than the brightness I usually have my phones on.


Speaking of battery, this device easily lasted me a day without having to charge. I just can’t do that with my aging iPhone. My iPhone is at 50% as soon as I come home from school even if I don’t use it at all. The Note was a whole different story. The giant 3,200mAH battery keeps the device going for a long time with ease. On normal use, social media, Skype, texting, it lasted around 12 hours until I was at 20% and felt like I needed to charge.


Besides the screen, another reason why people look at the Note line is because with this device they put a 4K capable camera on the back. Most people won’t be able to view the full 4K content as 4K is still quite expensive but is coming down in price almost every day. The video looks good at 1080p but not as good as an iPhone would.


At the time I had the device, it was running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. I’m no Android guy so it took some time to get used to everything, but after a day or so I got use to most of it. This isn’t stock Android, it’s Samsungs TouchWiz skin. There’ some weird sound effects but besides that it’s usable Android. The widgets aren’t really my thing, but I see how they could be useful to some.


Muli Window is one of the most useful things that I found on the Note. Instead of switching from messages to Twitter, you can just have a 50/50 split. For a busy person or a note taker the Multi Window is a great feature.


The Pen Window with the S Pen is odd. You can draw rectangles on your screen as certain apps can be used in that shape. The supported apps are Calculator, Clock, YouTube, Phone, Contacts, ChatOn, Hangouts and Samsungs web browser. Once drawn the window will pop up above whatever you were already doing on your phone. The window can easily be resized, moved around and minimized.


The Note 3 was just about the best phone I have ever used. It was snappy and powerful. The camera was pretty nice for what it was at 4K except for the decent photo quality compared to an iPhone. If you can find a Note 3 for a nice price online instead of going with the newer Note 4 if that is your personal choice. If you’re coming from an iPhone like I did, you will definitely enjoy the huge screen but you have to adjust to using two hands instead of one like you would with an iPhone.

Even at the price it’s at, it feels slightly cheap with the all plastic design and faux leather plastic backing. The HTC M8 is just about the best build quality you can find out on the market right now. If you can get past the cheap feeling, which I did rather quickly you will enjoy using this monstrosity of an average persons phone.

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