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Pros: Easy to setup, fairly easy to use, top quality recording
Cons: No audio passthrough for HDMI, capture clips can take up a lot of space, software could be complicated for some users

If you’re at all familiar with the gaming scene on YouTube, you’ll definitely know what the Elgato GameCapture HD is. And if you don’t know what it is, read on.

The GameCapture HD is something called a “capture card”. Essentially, it acts as a passthrough to your TV/Monitor, whilst also being able to display an input on your computer, and you can record whatever that input is.

The best use for this, seems to be recording games. Of course, it’s not limited to that, but since the GameCapture HD records in 1080p HD at 60fps, it is perfect for recording games.

The Device Itself

The GameCapture HD has a small form factor. It’s a rounded device made of plastic, with a glossy finish. It has an HDMI and S/Video In one one side, and an HDMI and USB out on the other side. Other than that, there’s not much to it.

It’s the kind of device that you’d leave on a table for a while, as it doesn’t require any manual operation (apart from the cables) so it does definitely pick up a lot of dust on the glossy finish. Nothing a quick wipe down with a microfibre cloth can’t fix though.


I’d recommend watching my unboxing & hardware overview of the GameCapture if you’re interested in seeing the hardware (and what’s in the box) in more detail.

Setting up the GameCapture HD

Setting up the GameCapture HD is extremely simple. All you have to do is first of all connect your input device, i.e Xbox 360 to the GCHD, and then an HDMI out of the GameCapture to your TV or Monitor which you plan on gaming with. Then, you connect the GameCapture to your Mac or PC via USB and record away.

It’s mentionable that your console won’t show up on the TV unless the GameCapture is powered by USB.


The Game Capture Software

Elgato provides a free download of the Game Capture software. This is how you record from the GameCapture HD into your Mac or PC.

There aren’t many settings, but the ones that are there are for audio (game and voice), and picture quality, so you can adjust between 720p and 1080p, and change the brightness, contrast ETC.

The software is fairly easy to use, and the addition of a clip editing feature is nice too, but it can come across as confusing for some users.


Recording Quality:

What better way to determine the quality of recording than an actual example? The below video was recorded at 1080p 30fps with the GameCapture, it is a 4 minute clip of the game GTA V running on the Xbox 360.

The Buying Choices

The Elgato GameCapture HD is definitely a device I’d recommend to someone who wants to record clips of their games, whether it be for YouTube, or even to stream on Twitch, but of course it comes at a price.

Amazon is the best place to buy the GameCapture, and even though it is expensive, the value for money is excellent.

UK: £123
US: $154

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