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This isn't going to be the normal type of review, and here's why. The company Velodyne were kind enough to send me 2 pairs of headphones from their product line. The 2 pairs are very similar yet still distinctively different in their own ways, but instead of talking about their differences, I shall instead talk about the amazing sense of quality I have found in both pairs of the headphones.

Velodyne – The Company

Before I talk about the headphones, I’ll give you some background on the company Velodyne first. Velodyne is a small audio company which is currently based in California, with just 89 employees.


Velodyne was founded by 1983 by David Hall. Between 1983 and 2011, Velodyne had always been a popular choice for subwoofers. In-wall, forward facing ETC. , Velodyne was the way to go.

In 2011, Velodyne expanded into the headphones industry, and now sells 6 different pairs of headphones. You can find out more about those here.

The Headphones

As mentioned above, Velodyne was kind enough to send me 2 pairs of their headphones. The headphones I was sent are the vBold, a pair of over-ear wireless headphones, and the vTrue, another pair of over-ear headphones, but these ones are much more heavy duty, reference grade studio headphones.

Velodyne vBold

The vBold is a very interesting and unique pair of headphones. It comes in Black and Silver, I have the Black; and retails for around $350 on Amazon. Pricey, but I shall explain why in a moment.


The pair I have is the Black variant.

In The Box

In the box you get the headphones, a charging cable, Aux cable, and a nice carrying bag for the aforementioned items.


The vBold headphones are incredibly well built. Even though they are mostly made up of plastic, and have a folding design, I haven’t found that either make the build quality of the headphones vulnerable. I really like the soft touch matte finish of the headphones, they are very nice to hold and unlike glossy finishes, don’t pick up dust or noticeable fingerprints.


The earcups are padded with plush faux-leather style cushions, which seem to be made of memory foam due to their springy response. They fit around my ears quite comfortably and I have found that they block outside noise fairly well alongside playing music.

To connect the headphones to your device, either use the aux cable, or use bluetooth by turning them on and selecting them from your device’s bluetooth menu. You can also connect these to your device quickly using NFC by tapping your device onto them and they will bluetooth pair quicker that way, which is cool.

They have a built in rechargeable battery which is energy efficient and doesn’t seem to run out. I haven’t even charged the headphones since I first got them.

Sound Quality

These headphones provide excellent sound quality for listening to music. Thanks to the AptX Bluetooth encoding, the difference in quality between wired and wireless is unnoticeable. Simply put, these headphones sound amazing either way.

They are powered by custom 40mm drivers, which provide a nice amount of bass, very detailed vocals, and instrumentals which are sophisticated but not sharp.

The soundstage on the headphones is fairly good too, you can pick out where each sound comes from, but not as accurately as on other headphones I’ve reviewed.



Overall I think that although slightly overpriced, the headphones are still worth buying if you’re looking for something portable, robust and with sound that will blow you away.

Velodyne vTrue


The vTrue is a very different pair of headphones when compared to  the vBold. In fact, not many headphones are as astounding and excellent as the vTrue from my experience.

In The Box

In the box you get the headphones, a standard cable as well as another standard cable but with volume and playback controls for iOS devices.

Each cable is braided and bright blue with chromed accents. Also in the box is a carrying case, very similar to the one that the vBold comes in.


And of course, the headphones too.


The vTrue headphones are made up of leatherette earcups and machined aluminium for the rest of them. They are the best built over- ear headphones I have ever seen or used before. Because of their aluminium build, they are very rigid, don’t scratch too easy and don’t feel like they’ll break anytime soon either. The earcups are large and provide a nice seal. Not so much noise cancelling but at least a good job of keeping the sound enclosed for your ears and not your surroundings.


This comes at a price. The headphones are heavy and become uncomfortable. The aluminium really closes in on your head like a clamp after an hour or so’s usage, and this causes discomfort. It may just be me with my smaller than average head, but be conscious of this if you’re planning on buying these headphones.

Other than this, the headphones have an aux input socket on each earcup. One left, the other right of course. This is how the cable goes in, you have to use Velodyne’s custom cable for the headphones.

Sound Quality


The sound quality of the vTrue headphones is off the scale. For a pair of single driver headphones, the sound quality is just spectacular. It’s crisp and clear, not as much as some other headphones but still excellent. Vocals and instruments alike sound warm and work together with the drivers to provide an excellent bass response. You can almost feel the bass in your ears it’s that good. The soundstage is fairly good too, unfortunately it doesn’t feel as open as the Philips Uptown’s but you can definitely pick out the positioning of the different instruments, with the vocals being front and center.

All of these great things come together for a brilliant listening experience with the vTrue. You could use them for studio use or pure enjoyment alike and either way won’t be disappointed at all.


Overall the Velodyne vTrue is a spectacular pair of headphones. If you’re not using them for 3 hours straight, you could end up being very happy with them, and although I wouldn’t recommend them to someone on a budget, they’re very good for studio use if you work with music or even a lot of video.



Both pairs of headphones are the bee’s knees and Velodyne’s entire product line just screams out high quality. There’s seemingly something for everyone when it comes to Velodyne’s products, whether you’re looking for portability or rigidity or just good sound as the bottom line.

You can find the vTrue, vBold and other Velodyne headphones HERE



Once again, a big thanks to Velodyne for sending me the headphones for review.

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