Part 2 of our Podcast Samsung’s Unpacked 2104 part 2 took place on September 3rd and pretty much delivered a tacky performance attempting to entertain us instead of just giving us the low down on the latest and greatest devices. Kinda leaving us to wonder what did they not tell us that might be a problem. Along with the event which took place a IFA 2014 in Berlin Sony and Asus kit the stage and we talk about what they have to offer the tech hungry people this year.

Make sure you catch part 1 with our special guest Tech Youtuber Danny Winget.

The OG Podcast S1E6 Part 2

Michael Panetta

Hey People!! My name is Michael Panetta and I am the founder of as well as the mad scientist behind the YouTube channel. Ever since i was old enough to talk I was into technology... From old tech like Pong to the powerful tech today like the iMac. I have been fascinated with using it, talking about it and breaking it! I have worked with such sites as Technobuffalo, Run Around Tech and iLuv Gagets77. The amount of people I have met through the YouTube and Twitter Community has been un measurable. We all like tech and and all talk about it endlessly. I also love watching, playing and talking Hockey and Baseball. I hope you enjoy my unique style of writing and thoughts. Enjoy

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