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The Sengled Pulse is a one of a kind LED Smartbulb with an integrated speaker powered by JBL.  You get a pair of 2.4GHz bluetooth speakers and LED lights that screw into a standard outlet socket.  You can wirelessly connect from any bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet to stream your music and control the lights.  The JBL Speakers feature a left and right surround sound effect.  The pulse iOS or Android app provides complete EQ control and light intensity.  In the box you will get a master and satellite bulb and the power supply.  They are offered in Candy Apple Red or a Pewter version.  Pewter-4x6 copyThe great advantage is no wires, no power cords, easy install and you can use your bluetooth computer, tablet or phone to control them.  You can adjust your sound and lighting with the intuitive app and then launch your favorite music media to stream on multi channel stereo sound powered by JBL.

Audio system features a 13 watt @ 8ohm.  1.75″ full range high fidelity speaker with bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.  LED lights are 8 watts with 600 lumens and are 2700k warm white with a 105º light angle.

Sengled Boost[7]

The Sengled Boost is an LED light bulb and Wi-Fi range extender.  Supporting Client and Access Point, the built in antenna features 300 Mbps.  Compatible with 802.11 and 2.4 GHz, the Sengled Boost is compatible with most computers and mobile devices.  The LED lights are controlled by the iOS or Android Boost App for increased functionality for dimming and on/off programming.

To learn more, or to buy the Sengled Pulse or Boost click here

The Sengled Pulse retails for $169.99 for the pair or $79.99 for each satellite unit.

The Sengled Boost can be purchased for $49.99-$59.99 depending on bulb type.

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