The Twitter account @Skype was hacked today, apparently by the SEA (Syrian Electronic Army).

The SEA tweeted the following from the account:


and of course, the tweet has increasing retweets.

The SEA is a Syrian hacktivist group who have hacked many large news networks such as the BBC, Sky News Arabia and France24 in the past, so it comes as no surprise that they have taken over a Twitter account owned by Microsoft.

Recently, reports have come out that Apple, Microsoft and many other large tech companies have had backdoors placed into their products by the US Government as part of the PRISM program which is in place to essentially spy on US citizens and provide the government with immense amounts of information about the citizens.

The SEA also retweeted one of their tweets with the Skype account, which has a link to “more information” on the subject.


UPDATE: Microsoft have regained access to the Skype account and have removed the tweet and retweet. So far no word from them on the subject.

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