So many times I have had people telling me their PC is slow. It’s inescapable for most people, who have either had their computer for a few years and it’s not as fast as it used to be, or they’ve bought a low-spec computer which just doesn’t run so fast.

This article is for PC users. If you are looking to speed up your mac, we recommend watching our playlist – Fastest Mac Mini.

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Before continuing this article, determine whether your PC is slow as a hardware fault, or not.

  • It takes more than 2-3 minutes to boot up
  • Having to wait upwards of a minute for files i.e images, videos, or basic software such as a web browser or word processor to load up
  • Computer freezes, crashes, or you see this a lot:giffy


If you are experiencing problems such as the ones above, we can definitely help you with them, because there are definitely solutions to these, and at low costs too. Too many people think that the only option will be to buy a new computer; but it’s such an expensive and unnecessary solution, especially if you are comfortable with everything about your computer, except it’s slow speed.


But how? Well, as mentioned in the title, with Kingston technology. The hardware inside your computer is responsible for what you see on-screen, and if your hardware  is getting a bit old, or just isn’t that good, then you should definitely consider upgrading some of your parts, with brand new, lightning fast Kingston parts.

RAM – Random Access Memory

In a nutshell, the RAM runs whatever is open at any given time. So, right now I have Google Chrome open, to write this article. The RAM is keeping Google Chrome open, but at the same time it is also keeping Steam and Origin open for when someone comes online, or sends me a message, and also has iTunes open in the background in case I decide to plug in my iPod, so that iTunes will open immediately, or if I press the play button on my keyboard, it will play immediately.

The RAM does a lot of stuff like that which you can’t see, which is why computers will need a larger amount of RAM, depending on how many programs and processes it needs to run at one time.

Hardware wise, RAM comes in “sticks”, or DIMMs (dual in-line memory modules). Kingston provided me with 8gb of HyperX RAM, which I installed in my PC.


That’s a picture of the RAM inside my computer.

Why you should replace the RAM in your computer with Kingston RAM

The standard amount of RAM in a low/mid spec PC is either 2gb or 4gb. You can check this by opening “My Computer”, or clicking “Computer” on your Windows 7 Start Menu, and it will say the amount at the bottom of the window, like this:


As mentioned, the more RAM you have, the faster your computer will be able to run programs. This is of course, not entirely due to the RAM, the computer’s processor does a big part of processing too, but the RAM is still a highly important part of it.

What Kingston RAM should you buy, and how would you install it?

Kingston offers RAM compatibility for almost every single computer on the market, usually providing that it’s not more than 7/8 years old.

For system specific RAM, click on this link to find the model of computer that you have. The linked RAM is from Kingston’s intermediate RAM, which offers good performance at a decent price.

For Kingston’s ‘ValueRAM’, click here. ValueRAM comes in the standard hardware, which does not guarantee to work with every single computer, and is much lower priced than the other RAM they sell, but still offers good performance.

For Kingston’s HyperX RAM, click here. There are 3 individual types of HyperX RAM, which are as following:

  • Blu – Entry-Level High Performance RAM for budget performance
  • Genesis – Outstanding performance, low power consumption, very low latency. I use 8GB of HyperX Genesis (10 year edition) RAM in my self built PC
  • Predator – Extremely high performance RAM, recommended for specialist PC Builders only, including water-cooling support

Of course, the HyperX line is mainly for people who have built their own PC, like myself, but there are lots of people getting into gaming, or even video editing, that could benefit from using HyperX RAM in their PC.


How to install the RAM

Watch the below video on how to install RAM in a PC. I can’t confirm that it will work on every computer, but it will work with most. Do not completely rely on this guide, please look at your computer’s manual for insight.


SSD – Solid State Drive

Every single computer comes with storage memory built in. They wouldn’t be able to boot up an OS, or store files without it. And for a long time, we have relied on moving parts, most notably Hard Disk Drives, for storage. Hard Drives rely on a spinning disk and a magnetic actuator to run, meaning that if any dust or dirt gets in, it will stop spinning. Same thing if a magnet interferes with it, the hard drive will jam and no longer work.


This is where SSD’s come in. SSD’s have no moving parts, and run off of flash memory. Flash memory is most commonly used in USB ‘flash’ drives, except SSD’s are for internal use mostly, and have a lot more storage space. Then comes the speed. A hard drive will load up an OS or files at a certain speed, based on the speed of which the disk is spinning. At some point in time, Hard Drives will only be able to spin so fast, before they either reach the speed of light (unlikely to happen), or can’t go any faster without breaking.

SSD’s have a major advantage here. They are incredibly faster than HDD’s, because their speed is based on how quickly the electronic processes inside are going, something which over time, will be developed easier than a spinning disk.

DSCF5663Simply plug in the SSD with a SATA Cable to the motherboard, and a Molex power cable from the Power Supply, and it’s ready to go.

I use a Kingston HyperX 3K SSD in my computer. I am extremely happy with it, because it speeds up my PC by a hell of a lot, and opens up files and programs much faster than my Hard Drive does.Although it is more aimed towards enthusiasts like myself, Kingston’s consumer based SSD’s have much less of a speed and price gap when compared to the RAM.

SSD’s also have a very small form factor, barely taking up much space in your PC.

DSCF5665 DSCF5664

In fact, Kingston SSD’s are up to 15 times faster than an average hard drive! And if you don’t believe that statement to be true, watch Kingston’s video:

If that hasn’t sold you on an SSD, maybe this video will. It’s of an 8 year old PC, booting up with an SSD. It is not a Kingston SSD, but it does show the capabilities of SSD’s.

Kingston sells SSD’s for 4 main uses:

  • Consumer – someone looking to replace their Hard Drive with a simple SSD, to increase speed
  • Business – similar to the consumer, but with an extended lifetime, and much higher performance
  • Enterprise – designed for high endurance, and to survive power-failure, to keep things running constantly
  • Enthusiast – extreme performance for superfast read/write speeds, built for gamers and productivity users.

We mainly recommend Consumer SSD’s, since they are ideal for most people, but if you’re the kind of person who wants extreme performance, we recommend the Enthusiast SSD’s. As mentioned I use a HyperX 3K SSD, and it delivers extremely good performance to my PC, all round.

The only disadvantage to using an SSD is that they don’t have as much storage as an HDD, and are slightly more expensive, but for the speed you get, we’d recommend picking up a 1TB external HDD alongside it, to hold larger amounts of files, while still retaining superfast speeds.

Take a look at Kingston’s range yourself, and see which SSD is right for you.


So there you have it. I would like to give a big thanks to Kingston Technology as well as Zaboura for providing me with the RAM and SSD, my computer would be slow, and incomplete without them, and I from my testing, can recommend Kingston Technology above all else for memory products.

Don’t forget to watch our playlist – Fastest Mac Mini, in which our own Michael Panetta upgrades a Mac Mini with Kingston Hardware.

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