Sony announces Xperia Z1 Smartphone.

During the excitement of IFA, the big Consumer Electronics Convention in Berlin, Sony have just announced a plethora of new products!


The main one being the Xperia Z1, a very similar device to the Xperia Z, but with huge improvements to it. Now there’s no secret that smartphone manufacturers are stepping up their game in the camera department. Notably Samsung’s S4 Zoom and Nokia’s Lumia 1020.

Of course the phone has all the normal features we’d expect from an Xperia such as NFC, Water Resistance ETC, but the Xperia Z1 features a built in 20.7mp camera. That’s right, 20mp inside a phone, that many megapixels is normally seen on DSLR cameras. Not only that, but the phone comes with added gems in the software to improve your camera experience, including broadcasting live to Facebook, the ability to point the camera at a landmark or logo and see information on it, burst mode allowing you to take 60 pictures in 2 seconds which lets you pick the perfect picture, and fun, customizable animations through Augmented Reality.

The general specs of the phone are:

Android 4.2

2.2ghz Snapdragon 800 CPU

5″ screen

3000MaH Battery

16gb flash memory, upgradeable to 64gb via MicroSD

Lens Cameras

Sony also announced the new QX10 and QX100 “Lens Cameras”, essentially a high quality zoom lens that attaches to any smartphone, connects via wifi or NFC and can be used to take exceptionally good pictures. Of course if you have the Z1 you probably won’t need one of these Lens Cameras, but as mentioned, they can be used with almost any smartphone on the market.

The QX10 has an 18.2 MP sensor, and the QX100 has a 20.2mp sensor. They are essentially the same, just the QX100 has much better zoom, manual focus, and better quality image processing.







In other news, Sony also have announced some accessories to fit the ecosystem:

·   SmartWatch 2 – Use as a second screen for Xperia Z1. Read messages, handle calls, easily access notifications – all from your wrist. Trigger the Xperia Z1 camera shutter. Download other camera apps to enhance the Xperia Z1 experience. Sony is working closely with developers for even more optimised apps

·   SBH52 Smart Bluetooth Handset – Splash proof wireless audio accessory that enables you to listen and talk without taking out your smartphone.

·     MDR-10BT NFC headphones and SRS-BTS50 wireless speaker – New, high quality NFC enabled headphones and wireless speaker.

·         SmartTags NT3 – Create a unique experience for your tag and share with a friend via NFC.

·         Continually update the experience over time with the Bluetooth Music Receiver BM10 – stream music and audio from Xperia Z1 to your home Hi-Fi system

·         Miracast Wireless Display IM10 – Mirror your smartphone display on your HDTV or projector



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