Most of us tech junkies who surf the web spend a lot of time reading up on the latest rumors. I understand that when you find something out that no one has reported on its a really cool feeling. But what happens when you read about it on another site?

Well, I use to get annoyed thinking why bother repeating on your site just direct people to the original site. I have learned that I’m in the minority in that line of thinking. So talking about rumors from other sites seems to be not only accepted but it’s almost expected for everyone to report on it. What I think really bothered me was the laziness of the reporting. If you are going to post a few lines and link the reader to another site, aren’t you risking the loss of that reader down the road? What value do you offer to the reader to comeback to your site at the end of the day?

If you are going to really offer your readers something of value throw your original thoughts on the topic and pick a side if you are truly interested. If you aren’t interested be honest as to what you think as a 3rd party observer. Isn’t that the whole point of a website? You have an audience to spread the word about what you think, not what other people are reporting on. I know what they are trying to accomplish and that is being first, well in this case second because most of the time you aren’t first for obvious reasons. There is nothing wrong with that especially if yo have an audience that enjoys your content. It’s obvious people are going to continue to work this way and the only think I can do is give my honest opinion and hope people see the value I want to bring to my site.


Another, topic that followings along the same lines is the misuse of the term “Breaking News.” This is something that really gets under my skin when watching the news in the morning before work. I only think Breaking News should be something that happened in the last 5-10 minutes. Don’t throw breaking news on something that is hours old. It’s not breaking anymore, it broke and you either missed it or are just whoring out your coverage to get mislead people into stopping what they are doing thinking you have something offer that is actually worthwhile. I see all the time blog sites touting the term “Breaking News” at 5PM on their twitter feeds for stories that happened at 8AM. You missed it, sorry at this point you are just recapping the news of the day. It’s no longer breaking, developing or whatever you want to use to gain more attention.

I understand that I am whining a bit but you know what, it’s my site and I feel this is something to people often mumble to themselves when seeing it and think I wonder who else would agree with me. Well, I AGREE WITH YOU!! I will make a point to say this at every chance I can and if this is the first article you are reading on our site I hope we gain you as a repeat customer. I will always be honest about what I am writing about,  if I am getting info from another source they will always get credit and I will be sure to give you my opinion so you can walk away knowing you didn’t waste your time.


Michael Panetta

Hey People!! My name is Michael Panetta and I am the founder of as well as the mad scientist behind the YouTube channel. Ever since i was old enough to talk I was into technology... From old tech like Pong to the powerful tech today like the iMac. I have been fascinated with using it, talking about it and breaking it! I have worked with such sites as Technobuffalo, Run Around Tech and iLuv Gagets77. The amount of people I have met through the YouTube and Twitter Community has been un measurable. We all like tech and and all talk about it endlessly. I also love watching, playing and talking Hockey and Baseball. I hope you enjoy my unique style of writing and thoughts. Enjoy

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