We all know it’s happening and Apple isn’t the only ones stocking to make some big announcements in September. IF you are perons who likes to buy the latest and greatest… well your wallet is going to take a beating. Check out the list of companies and what could happen for September in the podcast show notes. Also, listen to the podcast to get the full rundown. Season 1 Episode 5 Podcast

Apple Event Sept 9th

iPhone 4.7” and 5.5”?


potential disappointment in the battery category? 1850? 1900?

Hybrid Sapphire crystal with glass?

Better Camera- been very happy with camera quality

protruding camera on mockups? shitty design or a new feature?

possible lenses?

New iPod touch like design

iOS 8

iHealth leads to watch?

Apple wrist wearable?

US made

Low rumor mill because people can keep their mouths shut?

If a companion to the iPhone and is coming soon wouldn’t we see

software patches for it?

Maybe new software?

Just not ready for unveil so no rumors?

No rush… this is a new field competitors make mistakes and make it better?

Universal stand alone watch?

12” iPad? HAHAHA

No way..



MB Air same cost and more function…


Sept 4th


Moto 360

What we know

Round design

Great Screen

Android Wear


Moto X+1

5.2 Screen

4.4.3 Kit Kat Really?

Dual Core 2.2 Ghz Snapdragon 800 Processor

2 GB Memory

24GB memory

12 Mp camera

2MP Front Camera

Moto G2


1280×720 screen

quad core Adreno 305 GPU

8 MP camera

Dual SIM

LG G watch R




Shitty first watch and now this design copying MOTO 360


Bezel Issues? comments

People are stupid


The fact they charge for this LG G watch and see what MOTO 360 is and it’s so clear they went back to the drawing board.. Horrible BS move..

Samsung Note 4

Sept 9/3/14

Weird Commercials from Samsung

They make it seem like that phone is for hippies and hipsters


5.7                               5.7

touchwiz                     touchwiz

2560×1440                 1920×1980 super Amoled

2.5 quad core              2.3 Quad Core

Snapdragon 805         Snapdragon 800

16 mp rear camera     13 mp camera

3 mp front camera

3GB RAM                    3GB RAM

32 & 64GB                   64GB

Expansion 128GB       Expansion 64GB

low power BT 4.0

3000 mAh battery         3200 mAh battery

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