7744647324_23b27f6844_hThank for visiting the site. Most of you probably came over from the video and those who haven’t seen it feel free to check it out here. So I am going to make this short and sweet. Below you will find a breakdown of all the prices and what exactly you need to do for an entry, which won’t be much! Here goes!

First off there will be 7 winners in this contest along with an additional 10 winners through a twitter contest. To enter the twitter contest simply follow @techexamined and tweet the following. HEY @techexamined I FOLLOWED AND I WANT A @zoogue iphone 5 case!!!

That’s it for that. Simple huh? We will let that go for 2 weeks and pick 5 winners each week! Good luck!!

Next up is the main giveaway!

The Grand Prize will be awarded to the person who can get this messaged RT’d by the person on Twitter who has the most followers.

IMG_8012“Help me win the @techexamined Grand Prize from @zoogue. Please RT this for my chance to win!!”

This package includes the following:

1- iPad (2nd/3rd/4th GEN Case Prodigy (Magnetic Stand)

1- iPad Mini Case Prodigy Mini (Magnetic Stand)

1- iPad Carrying Case

4- iPhone 5 Slim Case (Multiple Colors)+ 1 Screen Protector for the iPhone 5


Got it? Now I know what you’re thinking….but like I said in the video, it’s not like they don’t get asked to RT stuff

all day everyday. This contest will run for about 2 weeks


The Rest of the contest WILL have just  a few things to do and also run for about 2 weeks!!

Please Subscribe to our channel and Jay’s



The First Runner up Prize will be awarded to the person who comments in this post about what to expect in the next iPad,  iPad Mini & iPhones. What upgrades are you hoping for?

IMG_8013The winner of this prize will win the following:

1- iPad (2nd/3rd/4th GEN Case Prodigy (Magnetic Stand)

1- iPad Carrying Case

4- iPhone 5 Slim Case

1 Screen Protector for the iPhone 5



The Next 5 prizes can be chosen as we pick the winners and each person can chose from what left after each person picks. Again, just Sub to the two channels above & comment in this article about what to expect from the next iPad and iPad Mini or iPhones

IMG_8016The  2 winners of these Prizes will win their choice of the following:

The iPad Case/ iPhone 5 Package

1- iPad Case Genius Pro (Velcro clasps)

1-iPhone 5 Case




IMG_8017The 3 winners of these will have their choice of the following 2 styles:

These iPad Mini iPhone 5 Packages

1- Case Genius Mini (Velcro clasps)

1- iPhone 5 Case

1- iPhone 5 Screen Protector


1- Case Prodigy Case Mini, iPhone 5 Case and iPhone 5 Screen Protector


I am extremely excited to get the channel, website and Giveaway started and hopefully get some buzz out about the site.. I want to thank you all for the continued support over the years. I hope we can keep evolving over the next years as one of the most honest and innovative YouTube channels and Website.

Good luck on the giveaways and please stick around for more content!!


Michael Panetta

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