Great News!! My Apple Lightening cord is now completely clean!!! Why you ask? Because I left it in my work pants and they got washed. However, it didn’t seem to affect it because it still works. Here are some quick tips if you do what I did only with a more expensive item.

With the amount of electronics in our lives today the certainty of getting something soaked is even greater. There are a ton of various home remedies and professional ones to try and save the device. I have tried a few but I have also read about many others and hopefully I can help someone down the road. Of course depending on the device and its setup you may be limited in what you can and can’t remove if you are not comfortable. So if you do happen to drop your item in water please don’t go breaking something open if you aren’t sure what you are doing.

First: Don’t panic because you aren’t the first or last person to do this. Most likely your device will shut off so do not try to turn it back on. If you do it could cause a short in the circuit boards and anything I mention won’t work at all.

Second: If you can remove the battery it will help air out the the device. If you happen to be dealing with a phone that uses a SIM card you should remove that as well.

Third: (optional) If this incident occurred in salt or muddy/dirty water a quick rinse in clean water could help as well. If not simply move on. DON’T USE A BLOW DRYER!!!! YOU COULD FRY YOUR ELECTRONICS.

Fourth: Take a dry cloth and dry off the outside of the device. Be careful not to scratch the device if it has a lens in case there is any dirt around.

Fifth: I know this may sound weird but if you have a vacuum or handheld vacuum handy sucking an dampness or water from the device will help the drying process. If you don’t have one handy then give it a shake dry could help.

camriceSixth: It’s time to Bust out the rice!!! Yup, you heard me right, rice is a great way to absorb moisture. You can either put the rice in a baggy for smaller devices or larger items in a bowl. It has worked for me on so many devices it’s not funny. If you want to speed up the process a bit you can place the item in a warmer or sunny area.


At this point the longer you wait the better. I usually go anywhere from 12-24 hours depending on how bad you submerged the item. My wife washed her iPod Nano 3rd Gen and I did dry it the best I could and put it in a bag of rice for 24 hours and it worked fine after.

If you want to completely avoid this issue and get ahead of having this problem well there are many solutions but here are a few that may be worth taking a look at.

bheestieBheestie Bags- These guys actually make bags that can help suck out the moisture to hopefully case your device from the grave. The bags are engineered to actually soak up water 700 percent better than rice. I found them on Amazon ranging from 17.99 to 50.00 depending on the size. http://goo.gl/zMbwSC They are kind of pricey for one bag, but you may find it worth the money.



1360748241_481765777_8-lifeproof-water-proof-case-Water Proof Case– It sounds a like a no brainer but we all don’t like lugging around a water proof case all the time since most of use like the beauty of our devices. However, if you know you are going to be in a potentially we area then this could be an option. There are many different options so one choice are for phones is Life Proof  (if they have the version of your device available.) I have tried LifeProof and was very impressed. Should you want something for a product like a camera, GPS etc. Amazon has some cool water proof bags http://goo.gl/5ZIjqd You would be surprised what you could find for your product if you do a simple search on Google.




imageLiquipel– These guys were all over CES a couple years ago and it seems like a great idea if you can part with your device for a few days for them to complete the process. They actually treat your device by coating all the parts inside and out to protect your device from absorbing any water at all. Almost like an invisible shell for your device. Certainly seems like a great way to prevent having any issues down the road. The price does vary depending on your device and to see if you don’t see your device on there don’t hesitate to contact them and get a quote.

I’m sure there are many other ways out there to potentially save your device from being thrown out or never used again as a constant reminder of what you did that day. Of course I want to hear if you have any experiences with bringing your electronics back from the dead or worse the sad stories of products now lost. I have a few and will save it for the comment section.

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