find_the_missing_link_zeusbox_com_h162011-1280x800I never understand the point of leaving important information out of a big reveal especially when the world is watching. I’ve seen companies leave out the release date, price and specs. In my opinion leaving out the first two just means the announcement is being somewhat rushed to be first and that is just annoying. So what is Apple doing that is pissing me off? Read on:

iphone_5s_5cSo Apple introduced for the first time in it’s short history of smart phones two flagship devices. We read through the events as for some reason they can’t do a live stream thus allowing people to experience and interpret their message as they want. Nope, they let bloggers describe what they saw and many times they just get it plain wrong. From what the presenter is saying to the pictures being shown we were left to what the blogger thought was important.

However, that is not what my big complaint with Apple. We all sat through how proud Apple was with the “innovation” they have done creating the 5C and the 5S. The 64Bit technology along with the A7 & M7 Chip were the greatest thing since sliced bread according to Apple. New colors, better camera and the amazing Fingerprint technology, which is nothing new. I’m not trying to make fun of the fingerprint technology, however it has been done before. What Apple is trying to do, hopefully, is make the technology something people will use and not just be a gimmick.

So after all the hoopla of the event Apple listed the pricing and availability of the products we just saw. The pretty pictures go up on Apple’s website along with the full range of specs for each device and what we can expect. I page though all the data and realize some things are missing for the 5S… What’s the memory size? What’s the battery size? Nothing listed in Apple’s website and only more speculation on the interwebs. Is it a big deal at the end of the argument? Not really but the fact Apple has left it off the list of amazing things kinda ticks me off. They even went so far as to leaving these off the comparison listed with the iPhone 4S as if it’s not important anymore. It’s a no brainer spec that you want to post out there if you have nothing to hide? You have nothing to hide do you Apple? You left it at 1GB didn’t you? You still have a 1440 mAh battery? There is no way in hell you would lower it right? Nah. It’s gonna be 2Gb and 1700 mAh? What is it? Why every other year we hear about the Memory, battery, cores blah blah blah. Is it dishonest and misleading? I think it is and if you have such a wonderful product why not lay it all out there instead of pissing people off who put their faith in your product. Don’t tell me you have made the battery bigger and not tell me how much.

It seems that every year something is left off and we are left to speculate and eventually be let down, no matter what tech company is making the announcement. If you have something to show then give us all the information and if it’s not ready for prime time then you just look like an ass. It’s very disappointing to see and it ruins the whole experience eventually leading to yet another person realizing these companies are sleazy. Will it ever change? I have no idea but it taints how I see these companies and leads to more reservations about these events and how cheap the products are becoming.

Michael Panetta

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