So anyone who knows me, pretty much sums me up as an Apple Fanboy!  So why did I ditch the iPhone 5 for the new Samsung Galaxy S4?  Well the biggest reason is screen size, but I was also looking for a new mobile experience and thought iOS was getting stale.  So back in June my second line was eligible for an upgrade.  My wife was whining about her dated HTC Inspire having major operating system errors and the internet was buzzing about the famed Samsung Galaxy S4, so I thought what better time to try Android than now!  My mind was made up, she was getting my iPhone 5 and in return I’d steal her upgrade and get the Galaxy.


So one Saturday I was roaming my local COSTCO and saw they had the S4 for a great price, the only drawback was I couldn’t get it in white.  After some major hesitation, I pulled the trigger.  My experience over the last month and a half, has been mixed, but overall I’m happy with the switch and have become even more disenchanted with the current iPhone.  I was one of the whiney users who was unhappy with Apple’s 4″ display by making it longer instead of wider.  I understand the idea, but I still felt the iPhone screen was small, especially with phone’s like the HTC One, Galaxy Notes and now the S4.


The operating system is much different and was the hardest obstacle for me.  It’s much more customizable and open sourced which is a much welcomed change.  Another heartbreak for iOS was the lack of widgets and true multitasking which I use quite frequently, but the biggest draw for me is the amazing 13mp camera and the loaded features it totes.  It is also beautiful on the Super AMOLED display and battery life isn’t as bad as I expected. Overall I like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and sure it has bugs and glitches, but my iPhone did too.  I am still an avid iPad user and have no plans to get an Android tablet and I laugh at the thought of ever going back to a PC, but Apple better step up their game if they want to remain in the mobile smart phone game because after 6 years of the same iOS experience, it’s time for a radical change.  Plus with Android now pulling ahead in record sales, Apple needs to step up the game with the next iPhone offering.  It’s no longer time to drink the kool-aid but time to be an aggressive competitor by offering the edge with what the public wants.

Douglas Drummond

I am a Police Officer by trade, but my passion lies in he Tech World! It all started decades ago when we built our first family computer running MS-DOS. Through the years I loved all things computers, gadgets and gizmos. When Nextels were the hip thing, I was breaking them apart, changing cases, hacking into the software and adding ringtones, screensavers and more. My passion really ignited with a gift of the first iPhone. This was a follow up from my Cingular Motorola ROKR iTunes phone. I was hooked. Jailbreaking, modding and most importantly ACCESSORIZING! Soon after I got all the iPhones one by one and was able to forge relationships with companies reviewing products geared at iPhone. I've since broken the chain and added Android devices too, but my heart will always lie with Apple.

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