7744647324_23b27f6844_hSo after a few weeks of lackluster responses for my apparent fail of a giveaway I have chosen the winners of what I feel is some cool stuff..

So to those who commented I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the cool interaction for this. All I need from the winners is your shipping information and I will ship out your stuff this week. You can email me at michael@techexamined.com. Just be sure to give me your name you posted with here or the twitter name you posted with for the other part.

So first we have the winners of the iPhone 5 cases to the people who tweeted the message I asked to tweet.  Here are the winners that were selected using a radomizer.



Congrats on winning and please hit me up a michael@techexamined with your address and relist your twitter name.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 9.10.58 PMAs for the big packages… The winner of the RT contest was @STIL29 who had Eric Breadan!! RT her message.. He has like 44,000+ followers!!!! That is so awesome that someone actually took the time to RT that!! There were 32 tweets asking people to RT the same message and they found it too hard to help out. Many of these people in my opinion probably spend most of their days to absolute crap. To those people who found it too hard to help out you are not as busy as you think you are or better than anyone else. I’m not only annoyed for the people who got no RT but I’m disgusted at the people who were asked to RT who know me and did nothing. I don’t forget and I don’t really care if people think I should let it go. I’m too old and earned the right to stay pissed off about it. LOL.. Enough of my sad rant, lets move on.


Just a reminder here is what you won. Congrats @stil29


The winner of the next prize which is technically the First runner up is Nathan Card. Congrats my good man and thank you for all the comments and interaction!


The next two winners get the iPad case and iPhone 5 case. They are Jeramie Edwards and Adriano Pucci. Congrats on winning the contest. Please hit me up with the information I mentioned earlier in the article. Thanks!!!!


Of course last but certainly not least we have the 3 winners of the iPad Mini, iphone 5 and screen protector for the i5. The 3 winners are Jerry Shen, Ben Palm and Samantha!! Jerry you have first choice. There was two kinds. The Prodigy, which was magnet or the others which were velcro. After he chooses I will let Ben pick and Samantha you get what’s left.


So congrats to all the winners and I think you for all your continued support. I have some thinking to do if I want to continue to continue doing these kinds of giveaways in the future. Maybe it will get better and I’ll get back into it. Until then I hope to bring you more content on this site and the YT Channel.

Michael Panetta

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